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LED Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Light Bulb E27

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  • 9W
  • 15W
  • 20W

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Product Details

About this Mosquito Killer Light Bulb

  • 2 In 1 Mosquito Light Bulb: The LED light and bug zapper light bulbs are designed into one bulb zapper has 2 different lighting modes—–Bug zapper& Lighting/ Bug zapper only.
  • Safe Bulb Zapper: The mosquito light bulb is completely harmless to human bodies and pets. Outer mesh protects human from touching the high tension grid. Non-chemical volatilization principle, so bug zapper light bulbs can’t take effect immediately like mosquito-repellent incense. Please use mosquito zapper bulb patiently!
  • Environment-Friendly and Economical: The 15W LED mosquito zapper bulb provides bright and soft light. 365nm accurate lock, send out a specific mosquito trend of the spectrum, mosquito light bulb can emit 360 degrees of light, all-round mosquito trapping. Bug light bulbs is energy efficient, money-saving and eco-friendly.
  • Easy to Operate: The mosquito zapper bulb fits in E27 110V light bulb sockets. No extra wires or plug needed. Just install it as a normal bug zapper light bulb. Three-way control, no need to change the home circuit, mosquito light bulb can not only illuminate but also kill mosquitoes.
  • Satisfaction Service: Our primary goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, we gladly provide you with a one year promise. Risk free purchase, buy our bug zapper light bulb with confidence!
Mosquito killer light bulb
Electric mosquito trapper

Mosquito zapper bulb using the specific light band of LED special light wave, combined with a new generation of patch light source, band intelligent control, to achieve the effect of trapping and exterminate mosquitoes.

How to switch the three modes of the bug light bulbs?-Directly install the bug zapper light bulb on the original E27 screw socket at home.

Mosquito light bulb

Press the primary switch = mosquito + lighting

Mosquito killer bulb

Press the second switch = mosquito + night light

Bug zapper bulb

Press the switch three times = light off

Mosquito blue light

Using LED light source technology

LED light wave lamp lure, 365nm wavelength sent, the deadly lure of mosquitoes. Using 3 LED energy-saving lamps, 30 days with 2 kWh of electricity, energy saving and environmentally.

Mosquito killer lamp price

45 degree slope design

With a 45-degree slope design, the mosquito slips automatically after being electrocuted, and there is no need to remove the bug zapper light bulbs to clean it.

Off mosquito lamp

PC high temperature flame retardant shell

The shell of the mosquito zapper bulb is made of PP, which is solid and durable, flame retardant at 750C and safe to use.

Mosquito bulb

Rust-proof E27 standard screw port

Mosquito light bulb easy installation, strong electrical conductivity, safe and free of hidden dangers.

Mosquito Light Bulb

Free control, one light for multiple uses. Intelligent memory chip, open light to repel mosquitoes free and convenient.

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