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About LED Bulb Parts Q&A

Q1. Why choose to buy SKD bulb parts?

A: SKD bulb parts are lighting products sold in pieces that require assembly before use. There are several reasons why many wholesale lighting distributors choose to buy SKD bulb parts instead of fully assembled bulbs.

Cost: SKD Bulb Fittings are typically cheaper than fully assembled bulbs. By assembling the parts themselves, customers can save money on the overall cost of the bulb.

Customization: Buying SKD bulb parts allows for greater customization of the final product. Customers can choose the type of bulb, wattage, color temperature, and other features that best suit their needs.

Shipping: SKD Bulb Fittings take up less space and reduce packaging, which can save on shipping costs.

Assembly: SKD bulb parts are easy to assemble and do not require too much knowledge to install correctly.

In summary, the choice to buy LED bulb accessories have many advantages, can meet the needs of different people, different scenarios, but also to reduce costs, reduce transport costs, with a very high cost performance.

Q2. Support packaging customization?

A: Yes, purchase at least 20,000 units to support packaging customization.

Q3. Can you guide the assembly?

A: Yes, buy our LED bulb parts we are going to teach you how to install them properly.

Q4. Is it OK to print my logo on light product?

A: Yes. Please inform us the requirement formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q5: Don't know how to choose bulb parts?

A: We configure your bulb to match the market price in your country.